Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What my life looks like #2

Senior Year is already fully in swing, and it's good to be back, even if it's back to homework. 

Sometimes, I find myself reading Aristotle, while eating breakfast. Some people might think that's a problem, but it's fine by me. Man was made for work, even if his work is reading. And, after all, it is good to be kept busy. 

Although I, like everyone else, am not always perfectly happy, I feel amazingly privileged to be able to weave together the intellectual work I do for school and the inevitable tasks that come with living in a home of one's own. Even doing the dishes brings something beautiful and precious to the day.

What also helps to make meaningful the banalities of housekeeping are the beautiful young women I live with.  I'm really lucky to have the roommates I have. One of them gave me lilies the day I took the GRE (that's a close up of one, by the way). It's those little, unexpected, unnecessary acts of love that are so crucial to human flourishing. They help us to step back from a frenetic world, composed of nameless faces and impersonal relationships, and remember that we are parts of a whole, that we are fitted to each other, that we need and are needed by others.

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